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Ben Orton and Other Infamous Fugitives


I Was Young Southern rock at its acid-finest. It is both rock anthem and heavy. The angst of 'what does it all mean?' permeates the piece, with the amazing guitar solos driving the message home. "What is eternity? The answer lies out of reach ... the only ones who know have gone away."
Twist of a Lime Getting over past relationships is a recurring theme in music and humanity. Unlike most songs with this theme, "Twist of a Lime" portrays a healthy and rational attitude about it. It has just the right mixture of optimism, cynicism and wisdom to grab the listener.
Lennon Song If you're a John Lennon or Beatle fan you'll love this song. It's sad - it was written shortly after Lennon was murdered. If it doesn't make you cry then you're made of stone. Can you identify all 53 Lennon/Beatles guitar licks and lyrical references?
Pass It Around Raw sex and hedonism, rock all the way. This song makes you want to ask a pretty person to do the bump and grind. Pass it around. Enjoy.
Get One Great party song. "Everybody's got to get one." Get one what? Reminicient of the Beatles I've Got a Feeling.
Wait This medieval flavored song counsels temperance and waiting for romantic love. Play this when your parents are around.
Mountaintop Tale of meeting a someone for the first time under magic circumstances. A true story
Ain't Life Sweet As you sit beneath the tree enjoying the breeze, with a beer in one hand and a joint in the other, Ben reminds us of an irritating and ironic contrast: poverty and starvation and despair. Somalia, Ethiopia or somewhere else?
Believe It Hard-rockin' foot-stompin' dance-inducing love of life and love song.
Dream of Old Times A nostalgic song, reminiscent of the Beatles 'In My Life'. An old love still beloved, but long gone long ago. Time has passed to mellow the harshness, soften any rough edges. "Bye, bye. I'll see you when I dream of old times I left behind."
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