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I Like Rain - Ben Orton                                                                        
I don’t mind the sunshine or a perfect cloudless sky but I like rain
The sun’s alright for a nature hike or to ride your bike but it’s just not quite the same
People like to hit the beach and catch some rays or frolic in the sand
I wish it’d rain for 40 days and 40 nights, you may not understand

I like rain, I love rain, I need rain, I can’t get enough
I see rain, I feel rain, we gotta have rain, the world needs rain

On the way here to the gig I stopped the car to look up in the sky
When I hear thunder far away I calculate the distance by the time
Now it’s raining cats and dogs just look outside there’s nothing you can do
So do a little rain dance cause it looks like we’re all stuck inside here too


If you’re afraid to get a little wet and start to flip out for no reason
Why come here this time of year, wadn’t it clear this is the rainy season
Listen to the sound as the rain begins to pound up on the roof
Stay inside and take your time you’re bound to find something here to do

D Em G A D
D Em G A D
Em F#m G G# A
D Em G A D

G D Em G Bm
Em Bm G A D


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