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Information Highway - Ben Orton         

There’s chaos in the street petouli on my pillow
The militia’s gonna meet somewhere among the willows
The internet has got the instructions that you need
To mobilize in cyberspace or to make a recipe

The information highway has got its ups and downs
You can find out who played Woodstock or you could blow up the town
The information highway satisfaction guaranteed
You can use for peace and justice or hate, war and greed

If you just want to talk online wherever it my be
If it's no one else's business I'd use cryptography
I you've been searching every page too many sites to read
Keep in mind that cyberspace goes to eternity


If you decide you never really need the internet
Well that's alright perhaps you'll see how many things you get
I just want to play guitar and carry on my tune
The ones and O's are in the air they work for me and you


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