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Something to Believe In - Ben Orton    

Back at the house you got all you need
All the necessities an SUV
You call up wireless from somewhere out and about
You found some things you just can’t live without
Guess you got you everything you could ever need
Did I hear you say something else

Give me something to believe in
I think I got something to say
What’s wrong or right I need a reason
To keep my sanity Give me something to believe in
I'll give you everything I've got
Can't take it with you when you're leaving
I need some peace of mind

Long ago and so far away
A friend of mine was hanging out and said to me
I wanna have it all be a millionaire
I said good luck I hope you find some love there
Hope you find everything you ever need, yea
I can't think of nothing else, no


Back at the house man you got the rig
A DVD and a hundred gig
You got a cell phone beside the pool
There comes a day it won’t be no use
Hope you get you everything you ever need
I can't think of nothing else, no


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