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Stargazer - Ben Orton                                             
You say you had some bad times in the past
Well I’m here to take care of all that
You know it’s hard sometimes when nothing’s making sense
But how bout you and me babe, coincidence?

You say you want a garden and a house
We’ve got time and plans to think about
I know it’s hard sometimes when you flashback in your mind
It’s you and me babe till the end of time

You know you oughta believe me
It’s so easy to see
You really are insane to have such insecurity
Among the stars and all the galaxies around
You are the most beautiful to me

Memories stacked up in a pile of photographs
Later on we’re gonna look at them and laugh
I know it’s hard sometimes when you daydream of the past
It’s you and me for now and everlast


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