Tico Time - Ben Orton

Living on Tico time
Living on Tico time
I know we had a date but I’m a couple hours late
Living on Tico time
Living on Tico time
Don't be full of sorry if I don't show up till tomorrow
Living on Tico Time

I took a trip to Costa Rica
Ended up staying a while
It didn’t take ling now I’m singing a song
Try to make the people smile
I was supposed to meet someone
we was gonna have some fun
I’ll meet you at the soda at nine
I waited to see ya but it’s media dia
Living on Tico time


I used to be oh so punctual
I took great pride in that
But now I see it is optional
I think I’ll go take a nap
But now that I figured out
what it is all about
Just tack on an hour or three y’all
Please keep in mind that the concept of time
Is second to Pura Vida!