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Under the Coconut Tree - Ben Orton
You traveled a way right to this spot
The sea is cool and the sand is hot
Take a look around see what you got
Mucha fiesta yea we party a lot

Where else would you rather be
What else do you want to do
But when you’re under the coconut tree
Don’t let them fall down on you

You’re living the life Vida Loca
You’re having a beer and a boca
Smoking some good creepy mota
And sneeze on a pile of the cola


You wanna catch a wave Buena suerta
They’re out on the beach everywhere
They make it look easy I swear
Get a long board and try if you dare


So you been here a while it’s sublime
You wish you could blow off the airline
Though you gotta go home it’s no crime
You’ll be here again when it’s time

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