Diggin' the Lifestyle - Ben Orton



Let’s have some fun girl, out in the jungle
We’ll find some waterfall, go and forget it all
I’ll make you breakfast, we’ll take siestas
Hang en la playa, What’s your desire?

Oh Costa Rica, another day of Pura Vida
Yea Costa Rica, I’ve been here for a while,
I’m diggin’ the lifestyle

When the sun’s done, gone past the ocean
Someday you’ll see me, I’ll be the sea breeze
And if I start to find I’m, breaking down again I
I start to realize why, some call it paradise



You can feel it all around
But none of them can be found
Can you feel the spirit that is in the air,
Quepoa that were living here.

Maybe thinking is the best way you can travel
But the mind clouds the eyes with dust of desire.
Time is a trick yea, so don’t wait around too long
Sometimes what's right is left if you do everything else wrong.


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