Peace Power - Ben Orton & Nancy Buchan                                mp3

You'd think we all would have evolved
beyond this sad state of dog eat dog

While some live unaffected from day to day
Others fight prevailing winds to keep from gettin’ blown away.

PeaceThroughMusic Preoccupy ourselves with trivialities
Wonder if they really matter in the overall scheme of things
yes, they really matter now.

Just cause we can't see the light, doesn't mean we’re blind
Though troubles out of sight are often out of mind

Face the fear, and come alive
Swim the muddy waters to the other side

We can't allow the lies to define our time
We don't have to buy in to the party line

We don't have to buy in to it .
People losing their battles all over the world
Make it seem insignificant whinin’ about my girl

But love wins out, and love will rule our days
Love is what can finally save this place.

You can pray for peace, you can listen to the lies
Only the power of love, can bring the peace of mind

We’ll fight with love for the future of the human race
That's the only thing, that can finally save this place...
That’ll be the only thing


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