Third Eye - Ben Orton                                mp3

ThirdEye I’m lost in a dream, but I just can’t sleep
My thoughts so alive they sound out loud to me
The moon brings a shadow to keep me company
As I wait around imagining who you might be

If you listen, listen to my eyes
We’ll meet again someday far out in the outer space
If I could be in your dreams, you can be in mine
Travelling high at the speed of love
Maybe you and I are what we happen to find

I’m trying to convince my mirror, everything will be alright
These things I call laugh lines are forming overnight
But that’s alright because I’m lost inside my dream
The concept of time at last is meaning less to me

If you listen, listen to my eyes ...

As I lay down at night and I start to drift away
The third eye in my head will tell me everything’s OK
And when the collective soul comes and looks me in the face
That’s alright I’ll soon be out there in some other place

If you listen, listen to my eyes ...


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