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Releases in reverse chronological order.
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Monkey God
Click a title to play or download a song from my latest CD.
  1. Digging the Lifestyle
  2. Blink
  3. Third Eye
  4. Pass It Around
  5. Toque en el Cielo
  6. What a Day
  7. Your Mother
  8. Still Another Day
  9. Wallet Full of Charm
  10. Peace Power
  11. Sell Your Stuff
  12. Howler

Hecho en Costa Rica - Made in Costa Rica

  1. Under the Coconut Tree
  2. I Like Rain
  3. Have a Toke & Think About It
  4. Living in Tico Time
  5. Leave the World Alone

  1. Information Highway
  2. Didn't Woke Up This Morning
  3. Stargazer
  4. Break It
  5. Something to Believe In
  6. Your Mother (acoustic)
Music videos of all songs are available on DVD,
featuring Costa Rican nature and beach scenery.

Misc. Releases
What a Day
Featured on the Pacificall Surf Video.
Mal Pais Surf Camp
For Doug and the guys at the Surf Camp.
Didn't Woke Up This Mownin' (acoustic)
An award-winning original. The epitome of the blues. Lyrics.

cd cover

Ben Orton & Other Infamous Fugitives

  1. I Was Young
  2. Twist of a Lime
  3. Lennon Song
  4. Pass It Around
  5. Get One
  1. Wait
  2. Mountaintop
  3. Ain't Life Sweet
  4. Believe It
  5. Dream of Old Times

Acoustic Demo & Live Recordings circa 1998

Call Me the Breeze Acoustic swamp blues.
The Wind Cries Mary Solo acoustic Hendrix tune at Fuzzy's.
Watchtower Acoustic solo Dylan anthem.
Looking for a Lover With acoustic solo.
Purple Haze Acoustic funky version of Jimi's classic.
Quilter's Blues Composed for Arkansas Heritage Dept.
Another Brick in the Wall Acoustic Floyd w/tekno pulse.
Folsom Prison Blues Johnny Cash classic prison song.